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Ep 3 - How to land your first job as a Project Manager

Ep 3 - How to land your first job as a Project Manager

In this episode we talk about the chicken and egg conundrum of needing practical experience to land a job in Project Management, but also needing that job to actually start building your experience. So how do you do it? How do you crack the code? How do you land your first job in Project Management when you don’t have practical experience as a Project Manager and you’ve never actually held the role before. Well, in this episode we dive deep into this question and cover different techniques on how you can achieve this goal of getting your first job in Project Management.

In this episode of the Become a Project Manager podcast, Mauricio from Yesi Education reassures listeners that no one starts their career with experience, emphasizing that even seasoned project managers were once beginners. Mauricio discusses the importance of setting realistic expectations, advising against applying for senior roles without the requisite experience. Instead, he suggests aiming for junior positions or roles like project coordinator, which can serve as stepping stones in a project management career.

Mauricio offers practical advice for aspiring project managers, including how to leverage educational credentials and personal projects to demonstrate capability and initiative to potential employers. He emphasizes the importance of engaging actively in any available project work, even in non-managerial capacities, to gain relevant experience. Additionally, he highlights the value of internships, volunteer work, and the strategic use of job interview skills to effectively sell oneself to employers. Mauricio encourages perseverance and adaptability in the job hunt, reminding listeners that every seasoned professional started without experience and that persistence is key to breaking into the field.

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Become a Project Manager 🚥
Project Management Podcast
This podcast takes a deep dive into the world of project management. Each episode brings you practical insights, expert advice, and innovative strategies to elevate your project management skills to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this podcast provides invaluable guidance on navigating complex projects, managing team dynamics, utilizing the latest technologies, and much more. We also feature interviews with top project managers from diverse industries, sharing their unique experiences, lessons learned, and success stories.
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